Snuls, in 20 minutes you'll have forgotten all about it anyway!

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Comedian Guillermo Guiz and Gilles Dal recount the story of a group of Belgian "comics" who were active on Canal Plus Belgium about thirty years ago: the SNULS; a happy band of five "heterosexual white males," as we would say today. Their humour was the complete opposite of what we now call "politically correct." When asked "Can we laugh at everything?", their answer was definitely yes. However, their caustic humour would probably no longer have a place in today's media landscape.

Through rich archives and by meeting those who were part of the Snuls, as well as Belgian comedians who know them well (Benoit Poelvoorde, Laurence Bibot, and Fran├žois Damiens), this documentary sheds light on this humour, a witness to a bygone era. How can a style of humour inspire so many imitators without creating any precedent and without ever crossing the kingdom's borders? This is the guiding thread of their investigation into this important chapter in the history of Belgian humour!