Not even afraid, eco-anxiety as a driving force

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Vinz, a star presenter and father of two children, gave up his career at Fun Radio and NRJ to become an eco-activist. After living for several years as an influencer with tens of thousands of followers, Vinz is struck by an anxiety that increasingly takes over his life. It is reading the IPCC report that he understands that this anxiety he couldn't name is actually eco-anxiety, and that it affects three-quarters of the younger generation. Since then, two years have passed, and they have been the most enriching and challenging years Vinz has ever experienced. Yet they went by so quickly that he didn't have time to stop and look back. Vinz then embarks, with his children, on an educational and psychological journey to discover projects, places, and people in an attempt to understand the steps that led him to his awakening. Thus, he hopes to explain how paralyzing anxiety can be transformed into power of action, and give us the courage needed to act.


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