Floods, one year after - Keeping Our Heads Above Water

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"Floods, one year after - Keeping Our Heads Above Water" is a documentary that, for one year, follows the stories of some of the victims affected by the terrible floods that hit Belgium on July 13, 14, and 15, 2021.

These dates will forever remain etched in the memory of Belgians. They mark the occurrence of deadly floods that struck our country, with a devastating toll: 41 people lost their lives... Over 100,000 inhabitants saw their homes, their memories, their lives swept away by the waters in a matter of minutes.

While Belgium questions the causes of such a tragedy, the flood victims have to roll up their sleeves. Even disoriented and exhausted, they have to move forward. There is no time to wait for answers: there are houses to evacuate, neighborhoods and entire lives to rebuild.

Since July 2021, the production team has accompanied them in their struggles with grief, cold, the frightening return of rain, as well as with overwhelmed experts and tradespeople. For almost a year, they shared moments of despair, solidarity, anger, and rediscovered joy with them. With them, they asked themselves these questions: How do we rebuild after such a trial? How did they find the strength to keep their heads above water?

We will see, among others, Christiane from Pepinster, who lost her mother, swept away by the waters. Michel, who is fighting to rebuild the Edelweiss in Chaudfontaine, a home for 15 disadvantaged children. Marc, in Trooz, who narrowly escaped drowning after coming close to death. Julie, who is determined to reopen her mother's toy store in Verviers, in her memory. Julien, Sarah and their two children, in search of transitional housing in Namur. Nathalie, in the Brouck neighborhood, who, despite material difficulties, refuses to leave her home. And Marguerite, a heroine despite herself, at the age of 20, who did not hesitate to jump into the water to save the inhabitants of her neighborhood in Angleur.


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