Sweet Street


Run Time

3 x 45'

Year of Production



RTBF & Triangle 7


Each episode tells the story of a street from the original perspective of the lives of its residents. Every chosen street evokes a quest for something that is an essential part of being human: Love, Peace or even Paradise.

The name of the street serves as a pretext for going off to discover people and their lives. The chosen topic sets the stage for the stories, both literally and figuratively, and serves as a common thread between each story.

The strength of the concept lies in the storytelling around a traveling analysis couch. The story is built from a succession of intimate and surprising encounters with its shopkeepers and its street dwellers, voiced by the narrator as the common thread which weaves and intertwines the moments from the lives of six to eight protagonists, allowing them to reverberate and resonate with the very fabric of life.

The voice forges the link between each story, shifting from the individual to the collective and has a life-affirming effect on reality.


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