Blind Conviction - Only ideas matter


Run Time


Year of Production



RTBF & Tchic Tchac


Formats, Factual


For the first time, two political figures are facing off in an unprecedented debate... blindfolded... where only the ideas matter! Two political debaters will have to convince and develop their ideas without knowing the identity of their opponent... How? By solely relying on their arguments and viewpoints... in a never-before-seen setup.

The debaters are separated by a screen wall. They can't see each other, their voices are altered. The only infos they have : a grid of potential opponents.

They have five rounds to blindly defend their ideas on four societal topics. After each round, they must eliminate a series of potential faces within a limited time... In the end, our candidates are left with three potential faces. Who is their debater? They must make their ultimate choice.

After that, it's up to the audience present in the studio to decide: who has convinced them the most? Because here... more than ever... only the ideas matter!


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