Rocky tells


Run Time

15 x 2'

Year of Production





Discover the stories told by Rocky and check out the illustrations as you move from page to page!

Episode 1

A young lion has a strange phobia: he is afraid of roosters; their morning "cock-a-doodle-doo" makes his blood run cold and drives him away. Lamenting his fate, the future king of the jungle cannot understand how he, such a strong beast with ferocious claws and teeth, can be so frightened by the cry of a simple bird.

Episode 2

A heron walks along the stream, dreaming of a beautiful golden trout. But no trout swims by in the current. Instead, he sees many small snails slowly making their way up the river. Although he is starving, he considers himself too distinguished to taste common snails.

Episode 3

A solitary ant is about to drown in a puddle when a large pigeon swoops down on her. She thinks her last hour has come, but the pigeon rescues her by helping her onto a leaf before flying away. The ant continues on her way, astonished by this unexpected act of kindness from the pigeon.

Episode 4

When an abandoned honey deposit is discovered in a hollow tree in early winter, both wasps and bees claim ownership. The bees claim that the honey should belong to them, since the wasps do not produce any​.

Episode 5

As an elegant raccoon puts on his cape to go to the market, the Sun and the Wind make a bet. The one who can make the traveler's cape fall off will control the day's weather.

Episode 6

As the wealthy emperor of the cats suffers from chronic migraines, he hears a virtuoso nightingale singing at his window. The nightingale's inspired song makes his headaches disappear. Relieved, the emperor asks the nightingale to stay with him in the palace, at any price.

Episode 7

When a kangaroo sister and brother have to decide which route to take to get their baskets of kiwifruit home, the impatient sister suggests taking a shortcut through the rocks. Her brother fears that this path will be more difficult and just as long. He prefers to walk quietly around the dirt track.

Episode 8

Every afternoon, a grumpy tiger is woken from his nap by the neighbourhood mice who would like to play with him. Refusing to mingle with the little mice, the tiger chases them away from his territory every time.

Episode 9

A mole spends her days working in the vegetable garden. Her two children love the vegetables she brings home. When she asks them for help, they are too lazy to work in the garden and come up with all sorts of excuses to avoid it. After one harvest, the tired mole decides to play a trick on them.

Episode 10

When the pretentious peacock meets a flamingo stopping by the marsh, he mocks him. He scoffs at his long, twisted legs, his large, curved beak, and especially his monochrome plumage—pink, no less! "What a tasteless color," sneers the disdainful peacock.

Episode 11

A dairy cow brings home a bucket full of milk. Before bottling it, the dreamy cow starts pacing back and forth, thinking that this time she could make yoghurt with the strawberries from the garden.

Episode 12

An ox is plowing his field next to a crossroad, one path leading to the nearby small town. A grumpy traveler rabbit arrives at the crossroad and hesitates about which way to go. The suspicious rabbit addresses the ox and questions him to find out what the people in the town are like.

Episode 13

A greedy rooster spends his time scratching everywhere in search of gold and diamonds. He mocks his fellow roosters who prefer to hoard grain and hay that are worthless. Throughout the summer, the determined rooster gathers a veritable treasure which he hides in his safe henhouse.

Episode 14

Peaceful goats become worried when they feel the earth trembling beneath their feet. Then, when they see a crack appearing in the embankment, they wonder what powerful being is emerging from the earth. When a small hole forms and smoke escapes from it, they panic, imagining a terrifying dragon on the verge.

Episode 15

Seeing their vacation photos at the beach, the depressed wolf feels too small and skinny. The bear, on the other hand, has a complex about being too fat. The wolf feels he really doesn't deserve his reputation of being the "big bad wolf" while the bear laments that it's true to say he is "roughly hewn".

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