Boldiouk and Bradock


Run Time

11 x 7'

Year of Production



RTBF & La Belle équipe productions


Boldiouk, a young screenwriter lacking inspiration and unable to finish any story, finds himself immersed in a world inhabited by his unfinished creations: the Schpountz.

With the help of Bradock, a crazy and impulsive man with strange hair, will he manage to confront the dangers of this world and return home safe and sound?

On the other side of the Schpountz

Boldiouk is running late! He has 24 hours to finish his script, or he'll be fired! Not to mention his mounting debts and impatient creditors. He spends the night desperately trying to write. Out of ink, he goes to buy some from Ebisu, the small antique dealer who lives below him, and who has some surprises in store for him.

The Shipwrecked of the Schpountz

A deserted city, silent ruins in the heart of an abandoned world. Here, there is nothing, no one. Except Bradock. He has no idea what could have happened to this strange metropolis, nor how he ended up here, but he's certain of one thing: he came into this world to experience incredible adventures, and a great destiny awaits him.

Day After the Schpountz

Flashback: Carole has managed to secure an interview for Boldiouk! However, she had to tell a little white lie... Meanwhile, Boldiouk and Bradock land in a village that appears deserted. A strange atmosphere hangs in the air...

The Rules of the Schpountz

Boldiouk and Bradock, now out of danger, face Gégé, a Super-Sorcerer Metamorphoplouc, who is going to reveal their destiny to them. And according to him, they are on the threshold of a great adventure...

Schpountz on a Hot Roof

Bradock meets another human for the first time: Boldiouk. Boldiouk has just landed in a strange world: Bradock's world. But they don't really have time to get to know each other because a Dragonosaurus shows up, and Dragonosaurs breathe fire.

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