OK Boomer


Run Time

5 x 10'

Year of Production



RTBF & Renders Production


Scripted, Series


"OK Boomer" is an anthology series that offers five films centered around the intergenerational conflict between young adults and baby boomers.

Boomer Assist

Serge, a middle-aged and somewhat annoying single father, invites his daughter over for her birthday dinner. Unfortunately, he manages to mess everything up again, and their relationship takes a hit. The next day, a mysterious envelope lands in his mailbox...


The militia roams the streets, and for a long time, "revolt" is a word people prefer to forget. However, Alba and Juliette are ready. Tonight, they take action. The only unexpected thing? Juliette's mother, who seems to have given up on the fight as well as all hope...


Hervé often complains that everything was better in the past. Kidnapped, he regains consciousness in a abandoned church, facing two young kidnappers. She and he are from the future and know that everything will be worse afterward... unless they take action. But their plan involves Hervé and their strange machine.

Escape generation

A father and his daughter, who no longer get along, find themselves locked in a basement transformed into an Escape Game with the theme of their own lives. Threatened and observed by a mysterious game master, they will have to set aside their problems to escape before the countdown ends.

The last video club

A YouTuber held captive in a video store, an eccentric owner, and above all, a live stream that needs to be completed! Amidst the chaos, two characters with nothing in common will have to coexist together for a few hours.

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