Adélaïde Charlier, the climate girl

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How did 18-year-old Adélaïde Charlier come to defy her own government? Who is this young Namur woman who is so engaged that she has become a charismatic figure in the international "Youth for climate" movement? Between rebellion and questioning, this report immerses us in the daily life of the young Namur activist, revealing her as a triathlete, social science student, and member of a large family who is constantly questioning the system...and herself.

The report revolves around her agenda over the past 6 months, including her meeting with the Vice-President of the European Commission to "confront him with his contradictions" regarding the CAP, the Friday demonstrations in front of the Commission, the vote on the climate law in Belgium, the anniversary of the Paris Agreement, and, of course, the actions that will be carried out by the "Youth for climate" movement throughout Europe.

This report highlights what it means today to be a young climate activist: the need to do something to "save the planet from ineffective policies," and the constant questioning of one's own legitimacy to fight. What is really going on in Adélaïde Charlier's head?

Through the questioning of the young activist, the issue of citizen responsibility is raised. It will be important to understand how this youth movement's fight is everyone's fight to limit the effects of an announced and irreversible environmental catastrophe, but also to fight for greater social justice.



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