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RTBF & Tchic Tchac


A group of screen-addicted influencers embark on a 48-hour city trip to one of the most visited cities they've never been to and upon arrival find themselves forced to lock their smartphones in a black box: the Digital Detox Box.

They do not just walk around the city, their challenge is to act as private city guides for the tourists they meet in order to make them discover the most beautiful places, the must-see monuments, the major attractions, unusual activities, folklore and cultural life.

But how to do it without having access to the technology they cannot live without? No phones, no internet ressources, no social networks and of course no GPS, it's far from a relaxing visit for them and it's not an easy job!

On their journey, they must find a new way to connect with people and meet even the most unlikely.

Can they survive in the urban jungle for forty-eight hours without their phone?

Let's go for a special guided tour of the city like you've never experienced it before!


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