The Yurt Celebrity Green Challenge


Year of Production



RTBF & Why Why Productions


Welcome to The Yurt, a new Reality TV show for a more sustainable lifestyle. Three celebrities who don’t specially pay attention to the environment will spend 5 days and 4 nights togheter in The Yurt, far from their daily comfort.

They will be taken beyond their comfort zone with a daily new challenge. The yurt asks them to adopt new more sustainable habits through offbeat and light-hearted challenges where suspense and humour take over. If they succeed, they win money for a sustainable association. The twist? If they fail, they loose ressources (water, light, gaz, …) until the end of the show.

Beyond discovering a new way of life, this adventure will take them on a journey of self-discovery by reconnecting them with nature and long-forgotten emotions.

They have plenty of ressources, but will they be able to keep them or do without them?

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