Bubble Experiment


Year of Production



RTBF & Okiswitch




In this brand new and innovative sensory experience like no other, a celebrity is invited to step inside a futuristic-looking dome to go on a journey to the center of his memory.

Seated in a high-tech smart armchair that features various kinds of motion, the guest is only guided by a soft and soothing voice. Step by step, the guest lifts the veil on memories that are buried deep down or nearer the surface of his mind, by opening four sensory capsules that each contain a stimuli: an image, a scent, a sound, a taste, a sensation.​

During this intimate encounter, all of the guest’s senses are awakened. The host’s voice, acting both pilot and confidant, leads him to the discovery of unique sensations and striking emotions as he embarks on a journey like no other.

Alone in his tempo-sensory bubble, the celebrity receives communications from outside world, testimonials from his relatives, his fans and other celebrities through a screen facing him.

In Virginie Hocq's bubble

Virginie Hocq is the guest who inaugurates this new show with an original concept. Guided solely by the voice of Joëlle Scoriels, the comedian takes us into her bubble. With her, we will experience something unprecedented. It's a different way to (re)discover this artist with multiple talents.

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