Apocalypse Kitchen


Year of Production





Two amateur cook friends compete to try to reproduce as faithfully as possible the complex dish of a great chef in a given time.

The twist: a visual and audible alarm triggers events that disturb apprentice cooks:​

  • Arms pop out of cupboards and hidden hatches in the kitchen to steal/add ingredients or even tear up the recipe
  • A power outage causes lights and all electrical appliances to go out, forcing competitors to cook in the dark
  • The clock suddenly starts to speed up putting pressure on the candidates
  • The two cooks must exchange their chef’s work table and continue the recipe from the other
  • And a lots of more crazy stuff!

To avoid these pitfalls and limit the damage to their recipe, each candidate must be the first to press a buzzer placed in front of them.

A jury, made up of a host and the chef, comments on the showdown and designates the best cook who wins a prize at the end of the show.

Who will manage to finish the chef’s dish in time by escaping the kitchen traps?


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