Rocky & Lily


Year of Production





Every weekday, an exuberant young girl and a mischievous bear impatiently wait for the set’s conveyor belt of their secret lab to kick in and deliver them an enigmatic daily package that hides a surprise whose contents they try to guess together, during a playful unboxing scene. By discovering the hidden object, they find things out and learn a lot.

It is conducive to fun educational activities in all areas and serves as a basis for practical learning and more generally for an openness to the world!

Everything is an excuse to laugh, sing, dance and learn while having fun, whether on TV or on a YouTube channel dedicated to the youngest.

The format is also available in podcasts that you can take anywhere as long as you are connected, in video game streams in a gaming studio, not to mention dance tutorials but also the craziest videos unearthed on the web.

And so that their followers don't miss a thing about the adventures of our two furry and ponytailed friends, there's even a WhatsApp account dedicated behind the scenes of their hectic lives!

Rocky and Lili perform in schools and communicate their energy to children through tours featuring song and dance performances.


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