The Comedy Expedition Challenge


Year of Production



RTBF & Why Why Productions


In this brand-new entertainment format combining humour and extreme adventure, two stand-up comedians have three days and two nights to hike through an unspoil wilderness and reach the final beacon.

Their objective: draw inspiration from this extreme experience in order to write the best stand-up sketch that could win them the expedition trophy.

Leading them, is one of our continent's most extreme adventurers, Loury Lag. This true survival professional will stop at nothing and won't let our guests back down.

To guide them along the way are a series beacon with a twist. Each on contains a piece of the map, but opening them has a downside. The arrows that unlock them contain messages that will further complicate the expedition.

At the end of their journey, botch stand-ups take to the stage and recount their adventure in front of an audience. A vote determines the overall winner, who takes the trophy home.

But one question remains: Will their humour survive the hardship of the expedition ?


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