Meet My Family Wedding Dress


Year of Production



RTBF & Peggy Power Productions


A wedding dress is something that we only wear once. What a waste… That’s why in this new show, three future brides choose to say «I do» in a family dress, a precious legacy that transcends generations.

Each dress we meet has a history and a whole family attached to it. And of course, there are a lot of memories and emotions they will have to let go of. Because for this dress to become their dream gown, our bride will ask for the help of our two upcycling experts: a precise and meticulous tailor, and a creative and daring stylist.

Their task isn’t easy. They have to face technical challenges with dresses that may be a century old and encounter bridal visions that seem impossible. Sometimes, they will even need the help of specialists to remove stains or find an antique fabric.Above all, they navigate families who have their say in every step of the dress’s transformation. Because, after all, this dress belongs to the entire family! At times they are united; at others, emotion and history shape the course of transformations...

Between drama, love, nostalgia, clashes, and pride, welcome to a show that takes you on a journey through generations. Because a wedding dress is not just a dress. It’s the symbol of a transformation. From a daughter to a wife.


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