5-Star Village



Six celebrities, six villages, but only one winner. Who will win the 5-Star Village trophy?

The guests have one day to convince the other five that their favorite village is the best. Each celebrity must prepares a 5-Star discovery day video postcard by taking on the role of a local guide to highlight the 5 best treasures of the village:‚Äč

  1. The general aesthetics of the village
  2. The building or the point of interest not to be missed
  3. The flagship local recipe or local product
  4. A fun activity to do in the area
  5. And a local craftsman or a key figure in the village to meet, to talk about their art or history and their connection to the place and why it is so special to them

Celebrities discover and react to the five video postcards of the other contestants and vote by awarding stars to the village of the day at the end of each show, but the vote of the public upsets the ranking!

During the final, all the village dwellers must carry out a final challenge allowing the public to designate the winner.

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